Cancer Survivorship Website NI

We know that people who take an active role in their care and health are more likely to remain well and this website is designed to support you to return to as normal a life as possible. This can include someone living with and beyond a diagnosis of cancer and those who provide care or support to others.

Not everyone affected by cancer will have the same experience so it is important to provide you with a wide variety of information and support service options that you can pick and choose from.

The website has a number of key areas that you may find useful. These are listed along the top of this page and if you click on any one of the coloured blocks it will provide you with more information on services related to that topic which are both specific to cancer and more general.

Groups and sub-groups

There is now strong evidence that a healthy lifestyle during and after cancer is associated with improved physical and psychological well-being, reduced risks of treatment, enhanced self-esteem, reduced risk of recurrence, and improved survival. The domains and sub domains listed cover a range of survivorship issues you can search utilising your postcode.